Admission Process

Admission Process


  1. A non-refundable fee (contact the school for more information) for the application process should be paid to any of the provided school bank account.
  2. Submit the bank teller, interbank transfer, online payment or ATM receipts and pickup an application form from the school Secretary. At this stage, a brief tour of the school can be agreed. It is always necessary to meet with the Admin Officer/Head of School as all admission enquiries require their involvement.
  3. Complete the application form and submit to the Admin Officer together with:
    1. Two passport- sized photographs (name written on the back)
    2. Photocopy of birth certificate or international passpor
    3. Photocopy of last school report/Transfer Leaving Certificate for Basic 7, Basic 8 and SS2, and BECE & NECO results for SS1 applicants.
    4. Photocopy of medical fitness form, health certificate/Immunization record card (this must be up-to-date at the point of admission).

Placement process

  1. Following receipt of all documentations, applicants will be invited to the school for a placement test as appropriate for the required class. This test assesses an applicant’s learning potential based on the Universal Basic Education (UBE) system.
  2. Applicants are offered places in school based on:
    1. Results of educational assessments, which includes reports from previous school and placement test results
    2. Siblings in the school
    3. Date of submission of application
    4. Medical grounds
  3. Occasionally, we assess an applicant a class below the requested one, which depends on his/her performance in the placement test. However, we usually do not assess for a class above his/her current one, nor sustain any acceleration request made by his/her parent.
  4. Any applicant relocating from a foreign country will be assessed by reference to his/her most recent school reports alongside any other available information.


  1. After the placement test, the Head of School will discuss the results with the parent concerned and then decide on the allocation of the class. The school’s management decision is final.
  2. An offer letter will be issued to you and must be signed by the parent(s) and returned to the school. The bill for the term’s fee will be issued separately.

Payment of fees

  1. A learner new to Shining Star will not be admitted until the term’s full fees has been paid.
  2. School fees for subsequent terms are normally issued alongside result for the term and the school newsletter.
  3. The date by which school fees must be paid is clearly stated and we do respectfully request that parents note and keep to these dates.
  4. All payment evidence must clearly identify the child(ren) to whom they relate.
  5. It is the school policy not to accept any payment in cash.
  6. If you are out of the country when fees are due, you must make arrangement for payment to be made.

Please visit the school for more information.

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